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Hey! this is my first time postin in here, i posted in the sex community and got some good answers just wondering if anyone else could help me out or give me some motivation to dump his azz.Is it possible to start a "new" relationship with my boyfriend after he has repeatedly cheated on me with NUMEROUS girls, (that i know of,but theres prolly more) He wants to stay with me so i did and months have passed since ive found out, i "forgave him" but i dont think i ever can actually do relationships like this work...if not, how do i get rid of him?
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HI! My boyfriend has cheated on me a number of times in the beginning of our relationship also. I really don't know how many times, but I'm sure it's been more than once and with lord knows how many people. I tried to dump him but he wanted me to stay with him, so I did. It's been really hard and I still don't fully trust him 100%, but we've been together for 4 years now and we just got an apartment together. We're doing great. So maybe there is still a chance for you two. Well good luck. Feel free to add me if you need any more advice.
Well i am guy and to be honest if a guy cheats more than once, he will cheat again. People seldom change unless it is a life altereing experience. They might hold it at bay for a while, but it is still there and will emerge again. They have alreay done the hard one. And number 2 your trust in them is shot, and even if you do trust them again it is misplaced. If you are still young like <20 it will be easier to move on than it is to waste your good years withsomeone that if they thought enough about you, they wouldn't have done it in the first place. Sadly enough guys think with their loins, plain and simple. Even if you are >20 life is too short to put up with guys that are going to do that to you. There is LOTS of fish in the sea. You will move on and do something with your life while they will still be reliving days in highschool, and saying how hard they can party. It is cool when you are 12 but when you grow up and it is still happening at 30 it is just embarassing. Sorry if i digressed, just talked to a friend in a similar situation, and he is a real piece of shit

P.S sorry for the run on
That's good advice and a lot of what you said is true, but.... I've been on both sides of this game. I've cheated on my bf a few times. At first it was out of revenge, but then it started to be fun. I think some people cheat because people love doing things they know they shouldn't be doing. Maybe that's why my bf cheated on me. But people grow out of it I think, I haven't cheated on my bf for a while and I don't think I will do it again. And if you continue it at one point or another you will realize that you're taking the risk of being alone forever, my biggest fear is dying unhappy and alone. Most relationships where one or both people have cheated, don't usually work out. But if you really love that person and they equally love you back you will make it work out. I honestly don't think my bf will ever cheat on me again, he's too afraid of losing me.
this CAN work.. but i dont think its in ur best intrest..and yes im at and outside viewpoint. but its really hard to forgive and forget that sumthing like that ever happend. Yes you can forgive him...but the forgetting part is the nasty one. I was left for another girl...only to have him asking for me back a week later..and i took him back. and we're happy together...but i still think about how he could have thought she'd make him happier than i did.. at least he knows it was a mistake.

but yea...its a total trust CAN start over. but he has to know...that if he wants YOU and only YOU than thats all he can have..because your not going to sit back and be used and abused and a fallback for him. Stand up for yourself! if you want to take him back...make sure he knows that YOUR taking HIM back. because your the better person.

good luck to ya