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..::* So KiSs Me HaRd....... CoS tHiS wIlL bE tHe LaSt TiMe ThAt i Let YoU*::...

ugh?!!?!?@? i dont know weather i should kill him or her!!!!!!! muahahaha haha.......fuck man....theyre in love huh?
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HEY! I noticed that you listed me as a friend. I'm kinda new at this whole LJ thing. How to you become a member of this community?
well my friend, its quite simple, for this community i mmade it so anyone can post, so if you would like to post(wich i haope you do !!!!) haha, then go to the info page and you know that funny looking pencil at the top of the page, well >click it< and write sum good stuff for the peeps ta read, thank ya!