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*Dont hate the game*

::Just thate the player::

* Dont hate the game * Just hate the player *
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.. * ::: T.H.E . R.U.L.E.S ::: * ..

1) There are .3. SIMPLE rules that apply to this community and its members. The first: This is an advice/support group, so treat your fellow crushed ones with KINDNESS and respect, (even if you think they are duds).


2) Secondly Theres enough "DRAMA" floating around these livejournals nowa~days to drown in, DON't bring that shit into here, save it for your own journals.


3) Each and every post must pertain to the notion that you have been cheated on or cheated on fromer or frquent boyfriend/girlfriend, ask adivice, tell a story, ect.

! ! ! Thank you ! ! !