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I get pissed every time I think of this.

Holy shit. Boy was I pissed when I saw my journal got spammed this morning. However, I love the idea of this community, and it's not some fucking rating community.

Anyway, here is a story about the most recent time I got played.

I started dating this guy casually, and since we are both adults, we decided we could fuck too, but not be boyfriend and girlfriend. I laid out a set of rules that were pretty easy to follow, so I wouldn't feel like just a fuck pillow. It was important that he actually be my friend too. It was simple, call me, hang out with me, don't fucking make excuses if you fuck up. It worked for a bit.

Then I got this EMAIL (not a phone call) that he was SUPER BUSY and his sister was coming to visit so we couldn't hang out. I respect family, so I was cool with it. But I didn't hear from him for another week and a half. Then he fucking emails me. It was "blah blah blah, I'm so busy, blah blah blah, oh by the way, I started seeing someone. Sorry. Let's hang out sometime!" I was like, fuck that, because I am not second string pussy.

He just "couldn't understand," why I was upset. I asserted the fact that he'd done exactly what I'd asked him not to. He disrespected my intelligence and my body. And yet he wanted me to understand that he had something good with his former best friend's girlfriend who was also his roommate. He told me, "this relationship is great because we both have the same schedules!"

I told him this was disingenuous because THEY FUCKING LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE, that is why it is so convenient. But he still wants to go out for coffee. Shit. So I don't hear from him for a month or so.

In the meantime, I lose my job and as we speak, I am getting ready to leave the country, because I got a job overseas. I sent out a mass email, accidentally including him. He emails me back with an apology and says he still wants to meet for coffee. Here we are, nearly two weeks later and I haven't heard from him.

I really fucking hate people who apologize to make themselves feel better. I mean, this is a clear cut case of someone trying to make sure I don't hate him forever, instead of really apologizing for being a cocksucker.

I really hope he enjoys his new convenient relationship with his crazy roommate.
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