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';' lalalala;'';.

yah i know what you mena liiiiiiiiiiiiiike, things will be going really well, like TOO well, and you know its just to good to be tru then you get checked for stds at ur pap~smear apt, two weeks later, they "regret to inform you" that you have been diagnosed with HERP~GONUSES, just b/cos ur boy decided you werent sexy enough so he he took it upon liberty of himself to take your relationship in a new direction, LIKE SUM KOREAN BITCHES PUSSY, yah, fuck that!

I have got myself a question.... so guys cheat cos they are no longer attracked>>???? or is it just for the thrill or do they intend on giving out STDs?!?!?

cmon gys tellll meeeeh, poleessse........

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